Divorce Litigation Status Quo

My mission is to transform the role of lawyers from adversarial and competitive to compassionate respectful and collaborative counselors; have community support structure that will support people in being collaborative in resolving their issues.

Status quo is that people are automatically placed in a competitive position to each other in the courts and our system is adversarial. Lawyers are known as aggressive competitors whose job is to convince the Judge or Jury to form beliefs about facts against the other party and favorable to their clients. The case is not about creating options to address what is best for clients. Families spend tremendous about of money and go through tremendous stress to get an unpredictable result. In some cases children are taken away from the family due to accusations of parties against each other. In many cases children testify against parents in a divorce case. The divorce process becomes more traumatic and painful than the problems in the marriage leading to the divorce.

What could be is that a team of 5 professionals including collaborative lawyers and mental health and financial experts support parties involved in a dispute or divorce to focus on what they want for their future and the future of their children and then work together and with the professionals to create a plan for that future as the outcome or agreement of their divorce or dispute.

This process is best for case closure or finality and respecting clients.